Tuesday, January 14, 2014

No Kneed Bread~


There is no bread better than homemade...  even when you go to say, Panera Bread or your local bakery.  You may think to yourself, "there is no way I can make bread like that!"  Well... yes you can.  It's actually very easy.  Like most things, the more you make it the better you get at it.  Most recipes say that it needs at least 18 hours to raise.  I don't do that, I will make mine at night before I go to sleep, say around 10:00pm.  Let it sit on the counter and then after my morning ritual of coffee and sitting, I will preheat my oven and start the cooking process.  Don't let it scare you.. it's easy peasy~

I use my kitchenaid countertop mixer.  I make a few loaves at a time, that is why the bowl had dough on it~  I add my water, kosher sale and instant yeast, no waiting for anything to "happen"....

 I then add my bread flour, I like to use bread flour.  You can use all purpose flour if you wish.  Once you do it using each flour, you will decide which one you like the best.  If you are low on one flour, you can also mix them.

 Using the "paddle" attachment, I mix the ingredients until combined and wet.

 I then scrape the dough out and put it in another bowl with plastic wrap on it.  Leave it for at least 8 hours or more.  I really think that if you even waited just a few hours it would be fine.  The longer you wait, the more "holes" will be in the bread.

When you are ready to bake your bread, you will need to preheat your oven to 450 degrees.  You need a pot that is cast iron, clay, or pyrex... as long as it has a lid.  These pots need to be put in the oven when you turn it on, so that they will preheat too.  I do 3 breads at a time.

Now... on a very well floured surface, scrape your dough out of the bowl.. it will be wet, but don't let that bother you.  Put it on the floured surface and sprinkle flour on it and pull the edges under to make a smooth top.  This take practice and you need not worry.  Do the best you can and when you bread is done it will be beautiful and rustic looking no matter what.

Top left is plain, top right is a sundried tomato and the bottom is a kalmati olive, fresh rosemary and feta cheese.  Use your imagination and add your additional ingredients to your water mixture before adding the flour.

Now that you have accomplished this, take the pot out of the oven.  Remove lid and put your bread into the pot.  It will be awkward but just get it in there, trust me :) it will cook fine.  Put the lid back on and cook for 20 minutes, remove lid (be careful not to burn your hands with the steam), and cook for another 10 minutes.  Your bread should be golden and rustic looking and will have a nice crust.  Take it out of the pot and let it cool on a baking rack.  Enjoy!

No Kneed Bread       

1.5 cups warm water
1/2 tablespoon kosher salt
1/2 tablespoon instant yeast
3 cups bread or all purpose flour

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix until wet and combined.  Should only take a few minutes.  Scrape down sides and cover with plastic wrap for at least 8 hours to 12 hours.  Preheat oven to 450 degrees with a cast iron pot with lid in the oven to preheat too.  Meanwhile, put your dough on a very well floured surface and pull edges into bottom center to make a round ball. When oven is heated, take pot out and put bread in it and cover.  Cook for 20 minutes, take lid off and cook 10 minutes longer.  Bread should be golden and rustic looking.  Take out of pot and let cool on a bakers rack.