Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Children's Vitamins Not as Healthy as Advertised

Do you buy Vitamins for your children?  Do you read the labels and look into what you are giving them to consume to make them and keep them healthy?  Do we just "believe" what is told to us through marketing and advertisements? More and more these days Chemicals are being added to just about everything we touch.  So many children's vitamins, including the #1 brand out there contain ingredients that a parent would NEVER intentionally give to their children... There are so many Vitamins out there, how do you decide which ones to get? Proper childhood development is an incredibly intricate balance of varying growth rates, physiological changes, and hormone status, all while energy output is high, with hard play periods that include plenty of running, jumping, and testing of new physical skills. To fuel growth and normal activity levels, a child’s diet must provide plenty of vitamins and minerals as well as support stores of nutrients in preparation for the accelerated growth spurts of the teenage years. However, many recent studies have shown that most children’s diets, even moderately healthy ones, fall below the Recommended Dietary Allowance for many vitamins and other nutrients. When it comes to getting your daily multivitamins, source matters!

Let's take a look at Flintstones vitamims... they say they are “Pediatricians’ #1 Choice” Really???  Here are some ingredients in these vitamins that are marketed to keep your child healthy..?

Coal tar , artificial coloring agents (FD&C Blue #2, Red #40, Yellow #6)

Then you see on the back of the bottle: The manufacturer further warns:
“Keep this product out of reach of children. In case of accidental overdose, call a doctor or poison control center immediately.”
Why would anyone want to give these vitamins to their children?  It's pretty hypocritical to give your children something like this for "good health".....  Which will now take me to the Children's Vitamins that will give them the "good health" they deserve. You can get them HERE


Using nutrient-dense whole food sources, the new Mighty Vites contain superfruits, plants and 
veggies that deliver the full-spectrum of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and
phytonutrients for children's developing bodies.  The new Mighty Vites chewable tablet features and enhanced 
vitamin-mineral source and in two new and improved natural flavors:  orange cream and mixed berry.

Primary Benefits Children’s diets often need to bridge between what they are eating and what 
they should be eating. That’s why KidScents MightyVites contain: + Greens from barley grass extract and spirulina, which have been researched for their immunostimulatory properties, 
prevention of LDL oxidation, and as an antioxidant. They have also been shown to support energy levels.* + Antioxidants such as vitamins C and E, carotenoids such as beta-cartoene and lutein, and selenium to offer protection against harmful free radicals that can destroy healthy cells and promote the cell aging process.* + Phytonutrients from wolfberry polysaccharides, anthocyanidins and resveratrol from grape skin, citrus bioflavonoids from orange powder, isothiocyanates from broccoli powder, and oleuropin from olive leaf extract. Phytonutrients have been researched for prevention of LDL oxidation, reduction in risk for heart
disease, and inflammation. They are also potent

Now wouldn't you rather put these into your children's diet?