Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Young Living Essential Oils~

I did it~ I did it!!  After much research I made the decision...   When my children were young, growing up, I used Homeopathy on a regular basis to keep their immunity up and healthy.  It worked.  It was the "thing" back then.  You really don't hear much about it now.  I used various tinctures and herbal remedies also.  Echinesea and Golden Seal were used on a regular basis.  Sometimes they didn't even know it.  It's just what we did.

Having had cancer..., 10 grand children, so far...,  wanting to make my self healthy and live a fun filled life, I need to be active with what is best for all of our health needs.  So, I made the plunge and ordered my Young Living Premium Starter Kit.  I have used Essential Oils for ever~  They have come such a long way in our lives.  From the Spa, Aromatherapy, Baby & Mommy to the Natural Medicine Cabinet and more.

Along with my new Clean Eating regimen and new start, I need to focus on all the chemicals and bad things in the products we use each and every day that cause all these diseases in us....  like my cancer.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A New Start~

Off to a new adventure and a new life...  Struggling with breast cancer for the last year...  having my last chemo.... has put me into an invigorating feeling for change...

I've always wanted to take care of myself in a good healthy way.  Not going over board with so much detail and craziness, just eating fresh and clean.  I want to start over with a fresh new beginning.  I am planning on using my blog to help me with this.  I want to be accountable and help others.  I want to share what gifts God has given me, with my cooking and talents, to help myself and to help others.

My fresh start will start here.  I want to post and share fresh, clean healthy things that will help myself and others.  I've always cooked using fresh ingriedents, my mother taught me that.  She never used processed foods.  Everything was made from scratch...
I guess you would call that "the old fashioned way" now a days.  So many times I do things and I think of her.  Little things from making a gravy.... always add cold to hot...  putting the mayonnaise on the meat not the bread when making a sandwich.  How silly it sounds...   but it's not.  I think we have lost so much of that "old fashioned way".  I want to have my children and grand children remember the simple things about me.  I want to share what I know and teach them the "old fashioned way"....  you never know... they may need it one day~