Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Children's Vitamins Not as Healthy as Advertised

Do you buy Vitamins for your children?  Do you read the labels and look into what you are giving them to consume to make them and keep them healthy?  Do we just "believe" what is told to us through marketing and advertisements? More and more these days Chemicals are being added to just about everything we touch.  So many children's vitamins, including the #1 brand out there contain ingredients that a parent would NEVER intentionally give to their children... There are so many Vitamins out there, how do you decide which ones to get? Proper childhood development is an incredibly intricate balance of varying growth rates, physiological changes, and hormone status, all while energy output is high, with hard play periods that include plenty of running, jumping, and testing of new physical skills. To fuel growth and normal activity levels, a child’s diet must provide plenty of vitamins and minerals as well as support stores of nutrients in preparation for the accelerated growth spurts of the teenage years. However, many recent studies have shown that most children’s diets, even moderately healthy ones, fall below the Recommended Dietary Allowance for many vitamins and other nutrients. When it comes to getting your daily multivitamins, source matters!

Let's take a look at Flintstones vitamims... they say they are “Pediatricians’ #1 Choice” Really???  Here are some ingredients in these vitamins that are marketed to keep your child healthy..?

Coal tar , artificial coloring agents (FD&C Blue #2, Red #40, Yellow #6)

Then you see on the back of the bottle: The manufacturer further warns:
“Keep this product out of reach of children. In case of accidental overdose, call a doctor or poison control center immediately.”
Why would anyone want to give these vitamins to their children?  It's pretty hypocritical to give your children something like this for "good health".....  Which will now take me to the Children's Vitamins that will give them the "good health" they deserve. You can get them HERE


Using nutrient-dense whole food sources, the new Mighty Vites contain superfruits, plants and 
veggies that deliver the full-spectrum of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and
phytonutrients for children's developing bodies.  The new Mighty Vites chewable tablet features and enhanced 
vitamin-mineral source and in two new and improved natural flavors:  orange cream and mixed berry.

Primary Benefits Children’s diets often need to bridge between what they are eating and what 
they should be eating. That’s why KidScents MightyVites contain: + Greens from barley grass extract and spirulina, which have been researched for their immunostimulatory properties, 
prevention of LDL oxidation, and as an antioxidant. They have also been shown to support energy levels.* + Antioxidants such as vitamins C and E, carotenoids such as beta-cartoene and lutein, and selenium to offer protection against harmful free radicals that can destroy healthy cells and promote the cell aging process.* + Phytonutrients from wolfberry polysaccharides, anthocyanidins and resveratrol from grape skin, citrus bioflavonoids from orange powder, isothiocyanates from broccoli powder, and oleuropin from olive leaf extract. Phytonutrients have been researched for prevention of LDL oxidation, reduction in risk for heart
disease, and inflammation. They are also potent

Now wouldn't you rather put these into your children's diet? 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Lemon Essential Oil ~

Everyday Essential Oils and Their Uses: Lemon

If you are looking for an invigorating and refreshing essential oil, then lemon is what you need. Lemon essential oil is derived from the rind of lemons. It takes 3,000 lemons to produce 1 kilo of this amazing, refreshing oil. Lemon oil works primarily with the digestive, immune, and respiratory systems, promoting healthy function in the body. Its sharp and sweet scent is undeniable, and one of the easier oils to discriminate quality by aroma.
Emotionally and spiritually, lemon essential oil promotes focus and clarity. It’s uplifting effects awaken the senses, clear the mind of distractions, and help a person tune in to the task at hand. It helps a person to overcome confusion or doubt, fatigue, overwhelm, and lack of enthusiasm, as well as helps to clear self-doubt, limiting beliefs, stagnant energy, and rigidness in the mind, heart, or body.

Uses for Lemon Essential Oil

In the home:

  • Combine 2–3 drops of lemon essential oil with water in a spray bottle to help cleanse and sanitize surfaces.
  • Add 10–15 drops of lemon essential oil to a gallon of natural carpet cleaning solution to help pull out stains, brighten carpet and rugs, and leave a fresh smell in the room.
  • Use as a stain remover for laundry. Use 1-2 drops of Lemon essential oil to remove stains on laundry.
  • Use 1–2 drops to remove gum, oil, grease spots, glue or adhesive, and crayon from most surfaces. Best natural Goo-Gone!
  • Place a few drops of lemon essential oil on a cotton ball and put in the refrigerator, or garbage can to help eliminate odors.
  • Add lemon essential oil to baking soda and water and use as an all natural soft scrub.
  • To clean and increase the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables, fill a bowl with cool water and 2-3 drops of lemon essential oil. Place produce in water, stir around so all surfaces come in contact with the lemon.
  • Soak dish clothes in a bowl of water with 1-2 drops of lemon essential oil overnight to kill germs.
  • Add to water or a smoothie for a refreshing pick-me-up. (SO tasty and uplifting!)
  • For a natural furniture polish, add several drops to a half cup of olive oil or beeswax.

For the body:

  • Place a drop of lemon essential oil on oily skin or blemishes to help balance oil glands and minimize oil production.
  • Soothe corns, calluses, or bunions by rubbing lemon essential oil on the affected area morning and evening.
  • Massage lemon essential oil into cellulite to help improve circulation and eliminate waste from cells.
  • Add lemon essential oil to a cup of water in the morning for a detoxifying and pH balancing drink.
  • Add several drops of lemon essential oil to a chicken marinade for a delicious dinner.
  • For a natural hand sanitizer, rub a drop on your hands. Lemon is incredibly effective against germs!
  • Combine lemon with a small amount of coconut oil and use as a wrinkle reducing moisturizer.
  • Apply a drop of lemon oil to the tongue to freshen breath.
  • Reduce the discomfort of heartburn by massaging lemon oil across the arches and pads of the feet and down the throat, sternum and stomach.

For the mind:

  • Increase brain function and stimulate neurons by diffusing lemon essential oil for study or testing.
  • Inhale lemon essential oil or place a few drops on a cotton ball to replenish your mind, body, and spirit.
  • Place a drop in your hands to inhale, rub a drop into long or short hair, or diffuse through the room during times to uplift the spirits.

Cautions When Using Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon is photosensitive. This means that lemon oil can cause the skin to burn if exposed to sunlight after applying the oil. Avoid applying to skin that will be exposed to sunlight or UV light within 24 hours.
Read to get started? Click here to get your therapeutic grade essential oils 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A great post from Young Living Essential Oils... You can get all these products by clicking here... 

“Thieves Clean” for a Sparkling Bathroom

Posted on January 31st, 2014 | 11 comments
Harmful chemicals are too often left on household surfaces in the name of cleaning. Luckily, we have an entire line of Thieves® products formulated with all-natural ingredients that easily replace the traditional chemical clean with a healthy and effective Thieves clean.
This week we are tackling the bathroom—a warm, humid room where germs can thrive. This two-part series will offer a total of six steps that will have your bathrooms Thieves clean in no time.
Let’s get started with the first three steps:
Thieves Basic Cleaner Recipe
Mix 1 capful of Thieves Household Cleaner with 2-3 cups of water. Put in a spray bottle clearly marked “Thieves Basic Cleaner.”
Optional Light Fixtures, Fans, Vents, Mirrors Recipe
Mix 1 capful of Thieves Household Cleaner, 5 drops of Lemon essential oil, 1 teaspoon white vinegar, and 3 cups of water. Put in a spray bottle clearly marked “Thieves, Lemon, and Vinegar Solution.”
Remove all cobwebs and thoroughly dust ceiling, corners, fans, vents, and light fixtures.
Run a cleaning brush around baseboards and door jams.
Sweep up all dust and debris.
Remove light fixture bowls and clean with either cleaning recipe. Soak if needed.
Spray and wipe off fans and vents with either cleaning recipe.
Replace burned-out bulbs and light fixture bowls.
Spray garbage can or let it soak before wiping clean.
Spray and clean mirrors.
Hint: Place 5 drops of Thieves essential oil on a cotton round and place in your garbage can underneath the liner to keep your garbage can smelling clean.
Thieves Basic Cleaner Plus Baking Soda
Thieves Cabinet-Front Recipe
Mix 1 capful of Thieves Household Cleaner, 10 drops of Citrus Fresh™ essential oil blend, and
1 cup olive oil. Put in a spray bottle and clearly mark as “Thieves Cabinet-Front Cleaner.”
Remove everything off of countertops.
Spray sink, countertops, and backsplash with the basic cleaner. Sprinkle approximately ¼ cup baking soda in the sink and any other place you would like more scrubbing action; clean with the basic cleaner.
Wipe down the cabinet fronts with the cabinet-front recipe.
Clean cabinet handles and pulls with Thieves Spray.
Hint: Keep a package of Thieves Wipes on the bathroom counter to wipe down the sink and countertops in between your deep cleanings. We recommend doing this every day.
Thieves Basic Cleaner
Optional Thieves Toilet Bowl Cleaner
2 drops of Thieves essential oil blend and ¼ cup baking soda
Pour approximately ¼ cup of baking soda and 2 drops of Thieves essential oil blend directly into the toilet bowl. Stir with a toilet brush and let sit for a couple of minutes before cleaning.
Remove toilet seat if necessary and replace once the entire toilet is cleaned.
Spray and clean around the toilet seat and rim with the basic cleaner.
Thoroughly clean the toilet inside and out, especially around the outside bowl.
Use Thieves Spray to clean the toilet knob.
Hint: When replacing toilet paper, dab 3-5 drops of Thieves essential oil blend on the inside of the cardboard roll (not on the paper).
Please share any cleaning tips or Thieves recipes you have found successful. We love hearing from you!
To a cleaner, healthier, and happier year,
—Gloria Russo, YL International and Portfolio Brand Manager

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Young Living Easy Tomato Sauce~ ~

Another easy recipe using Young Living Essential Oils....  to get your oils... click here

Easy Tomato Sauce with Basil and Thyme
• 2 tablespoons olive oil
• 1 onion, chopped
• 1 clove garlic, minced
• 3 14-ounce can diced tomatoes
• Salt to taste
• 1 drop Black Pepper essential oil
• 1 drop Basil essential oil
• 1 drop Thyme essential oil
Heat olive oil in a large frying pan over medium heat. When hot, sauté onion until soft, 2-3 minutes. Add garlic and cook until fragrant, about 30 seconds. Add tomatoes and salt to the pan. Cook, stirring occasionally, until the tomatoes break down and the mixture thickens, 10-15 minutes. Add Black Pepper, Basil, and Thyme essential oils. Adjust seasonings to taste, and serve over Einkorn Spaghetti.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Cooking with Young Living Essential Oils....  

I found this on the Young Living Oil blog...  Essential oils can be used in the kitchen for yummy creations...  

Bring the taste of Italy to your dining table with this easy-to-prepare dipping oil recipe! Serve as an appetizer, as a side at dinner, or anytime as a tasty snack.
In this recipe we’ve included the bold flavors of OreganoBasilThyme, and Rosemary essential oils. Just one drop packs a full-bodied flavor since these essential oils are several times more concentrated than the original herb.

Dipping Oil for Italian Bread - with Young Living Essential Oils

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Young Living Essential Oils~

I did it~ I did it!!  After much research I made the decision...   When my children were young, growing up, I used Homeopathy on a regular basis to keep their immunity up and healthy.  It worked.  It was the "thing" back then.  You really don't hear much about it now.  I used various tinctures and herbal remedies also.  Echinesea and Golden Seal were used on a regular basis.  Sometimes they didn't even know it.  It's just what we did.

Having had cancer..., 10 grand children, so far...,  wanting to make my self healthy and live a fun filled life, I need to be active with what is best for all of our health needs.  So, I made the plunge and ordered my Young Living Premium Starter Kit.  I have used Essential Oils for ever~  They have come such a long way in our lives.  From the Spa, Aromatherapy, Baby & Mommy to the Natural Medicine Cabinet and more.

Along with my new Clean Eating regimen and new start, I need to focus on all the chemicals and bad things in the products we use each and every day that cause all these diseases in us....  like my cancer.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A New Start~

Off to a new adventure and a new life...  Struggling with breast cancer for the last year...  having my last chemo.... has put me into an invigorating feeling for change...

I've always wanted to take care of myself in a good healthy way.  Not going over board with so much detail and craziness, just eating fresh and clean.  I want to start over with a fresh new beginning.  I am planning on using my blog to help me with this.  I want to be accountable and help others.  I want to share what gifts God has given me, with my cooking and talents, to help myself and to help others.

My fresh start will start here.  I want to post and share fresh, clean healthy things that will help myself and others.  I've always cooked using fresh ingriedents, my mother taught me that.  She never used processed foods.  Everything was made from scratch...
I guess you would call that "the old fashioned way" now a days.  So many times I do things and I think of her.  Little things from making a gravy.... always add cold to hot...  putting the mayonnaise on the meat not the bread when making a sandwich.  How silly it sounds...   but it's not.  I think we have lost so much of that "old fashioned way".  I want to have my children and grand children remember the simple things about me.  I want to share what I know and teach them the "old fashioned way"....  you never know... they may need it one day~