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~When it comes to essential oils, it’s so important to find a company that is honest and accountable for what they grow, how they grow, how they distill the plants, and what ingredients they use. All of these things impact the quality of the oils.

Just think about this…

What are essential oils? Concentrated plant matter. What happens if that plant matter was treated with pesticides? Do you now have concentrated pesticides in your essential oil? You bet! You have to know where your oils are coming from and how they are grown!
Young Living Essential Oils is THE ONLY company that actually owns and operates its farms to ensure quality levels are being met. They carefully monitor every step of the production of the oils from beginning to end through a unique seed to seal process, ensuring the purity of each essential oil. This unsurpassed commitment to quality means that you can be confident that Young Living essential oils are both safe and effective.
And remember, Young Living isn’t just essential oils. They also have supplements, pre-made cleaning, beauty supplies, pet supplies plus a kid’s line too! Everything Young Living makes is backed to be healthy, safe and natural by their seed to seal promise.

How to buy Therapeutic Essential Oils at 24% off!

You can purchase Young Living therapeutic-grade essential oils in one of two ways: as a Wholesale Member or Retail Customer. Buying retail is just silly because…
  1. Retail is more expensive. Wholesale members get 24% off everything!
  2. Wholesale Members don’t actually have to sell anything except to themselves.
    • There is a minimum of $50/YEAR commitment.
  3. Wholesale Members have opportunities to earn free products and discounted shipping
  4. Wholesale Members are given a sponsor who is an actual person to help guide them and educate them about essential oils.
 Ready to sign up? Get started as a Young Living Member through me? CLICK HERE  ~ use my number in both places...  2590084
If you sign up with my team, you will become part of the Oily Angels Family which will provide you with exclusive education and resources and we will personally help to support you. This isn’t a one time thing, this is for the life of your membership! We offer online classes and training, support groups, 1:1 support and a number of other opportunities to help you feel comfortable using the products.

What about buying through a retailer like Amazon and E-Bay?

I always caution against this for two reasons:
  1. There have been many complaints about essential oils being tampered with by private sellers. It is very easy to refill a bottle and replace the cap so it looks like it’s brand new! The oils sold on these sites are not guaranteed by the Young Living’s Promise. Only purchasing directly from Young Living assures you that you are getting the highest quality.
  2. When using Amazon, you will miss out on having an Essential Oil Sponsor. Whomever you sign up with, becomes your educator and using a service like Amazon means you will miss out on exclusive educational opportunities, member giveaways and promotions.
Update: Young Living has become very upset over the mishandling of products on these websites and requiring members to pull their items from the shelves of 3rd party retailers such as Amazon, E-bay, Craigslist, Etsy and other internet retailers. This is a slow process, but is one that is already in motion.


Why do I recommend Young Living?

I'm very passionate about being chemical free and eating healthy whole food, I support local farmers and often visit them to ensure they are following sustainable practices. The same goes for essential oils. Young Living offers this promise – they own their farms and they run a very tight supply chain. You can even visit the farms to see how they are run! That’s accountability!
I trust their essential oils above all others because they are pure and unadulterated, and are manufactured for therapeutic use not just for smell. I call my kit my natural oily first aid kit!

The Premium Starter Kits

There are three Premium Starter Kits to choose from and they are by far the best value! If you bought all these items individually at the customer price, you would spend nearly double the amount of money that one of these kits costs by itself! It’s a tremendous value!
Young Living offers 3 kits to suit everyones wants and needs! And once you become a member, you can buy any of these at any time for no additional charge! Pssstt…. Jen has bought 2 of them.
  • The Premium Starter Kit: This is the classic kit and it comes with 11 different essential oils, a diffuser, and a bunch of samples! This is great for anyone who wants to get started with essential oils because it has everything you need!
    • The diffuser is great for aromatherapy and depending on which oils I use, it really helps me sleep better, study harder, get some energy, or just relax after a hard day. To me this is essential! I have two in my home and I wouldn’t mind a third!
    • There is even a Military option for people living with AFO addresses!
  • The NingXia Premium Starter Kit: This kit features NingXia Red which is one of my favorite nutritional drinks! This is great for anyone who wants some energy and extra nutritional support.
    • NingXia Red and NingXia Nitro have helped me to have more energy, clear my skin, have more regularity to my GI patterns, and so much more! Plus they taste great by themselves, in a smoothie or even a class of wine! YUM!
  • The Thieves Premium Starter Kit: This kit is fantastic for switching everything over to green cleaning at once! It has pretty much everything anyone would need to just take your entire cleaning routine and even some of your beauty routine to the next level!
    • The All Purpose Cleaner is fantastic– it really does clean everything from laundry to the dishwasher to the floors and countertops!

The Classic Premium Starter Kit

Young Living Premium Starter Kit
When you order your own premium starter kit, you are entitled to wholesale pricing on all Young Living products, this is a 24% discount. Share this with your friends and family by ordering for them, or have them enroll to get their own kit and discount. The ‘Premium Starter Kit’ is $300 value package of oils for over 50% off! The kit pictured above is the most popular Premium Starter Kit, it comes with:
  • 10 oils including Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Frankincense, PanAway (a nice massage oil that relaxes the muscles!), Melaleuca (Tea Tree), Thieves, Purification, Joy, and Stress Away oil blends.
  • A home diffuser (retail value alone on this one is $96)
  • essential oils user’s guide
  • Citrus Fresh 5-ml oil blend
  • AromaGlide Roller Fitment (to turn any oil into a roll on)
  • two sample packets each of Lavender, Peppermint, Peace & Calming, Lemon, and Thieves (for you to share with your friends!)
  • two NingXia Red 2-oz. samples (this is a great supplement for energy)

So how do I order the Essential Oils?

Here’s the deal, you can get the essential oils I recommend in one of two ways: Wholesale Member or Retail (signing up as a ‘customer’) but the Premium Starter Kit is only available to wholesale members.
And remember, when you sign up with Young Living directly, you are also signing up for a sponsor who will help you on your Oily Journey. If you sign up with me I will personally support you and help guide you through the Young Living product line. This isn’t a one time thing, this is for the life of your membership!
You can also watch this Essential 101 Class (video) for more information about Young Living and how to use the Premium Starter Kit.

Which Diffuser is Best? 

You will see TWO Oily premium starter kits– the difference is the diffuser. Some have and love both, you can use the aroma diffuser in the main part of your home most of the time, as it covers a larger area. It has 2 settings – 1 hour, and 4 hours of diffusing before automatically shutting off.  Then the home diffuser is great to use in the bedroom because the light can be turned off (you can’t turn the light on the aroma diffuser off). Unfortunately the fan is kind of loud so the 30sec on/off setting is too disturbing at night, but during the day you can move it to another room and barely notice the fan so you can get almost 6 hours of diffusing! It runs continuously for about 3 hours, and automatically shuts off.
There is also a great option for our MILITARY who are overseas! It is exactly like the regular Premium Starter Kit with TWO important exceptions:
  • Everyday Oils kit, featuring soothing AromaEase™ in place of Frankincense
  • Shipping to APO address


There are TWO other premium starter kits which are not essential oil heavy.
One option is for Green Cleaning and Chemical Free Health and it’s called the Thieves Premium Starter Kit. It is entirely focused on the Thieves product line and comes with various products like Cleaners, Toothpaste, Hand Sanitizer, etc. It’s just faaaaabulous, darling!

The second is for wellness and it focuses on the NingXia Red series which is a nutritional drink unlike any other! It helps to promote energy, better skin, and support numerous body functions. It’s really yummy too!
You can check out these kits by clicking one of our links, and clicking “View All Starter Kits”: Young Living Premium Starter Kits (US Link) or if you are international you can view this link and pick your country in the drop down menu: International Member Options.

Steps for a Young Living Member Sign-up:

To sign up under click here me and then fill in your information completely.
Thieves Premium Starter KitYour social security number is asked for in the event you sign up people under your distributor number, but don’t worry! This is a very secure network!! This is needed in case you receive a check if you refer someone! (there is no obligation to sell)

You’ll need to agree to terms and conditions and create a username, 4 digit pin and password. This is super important!! Write these down! 

You will need to choose the Premium Starter Kit which you want, and it will ask if you to choose an Essential Rewards Kit. An ER kit is not required! You can sign up with ER at any time during your membership. It helps you to earn free points to redeem towards products and allows for discounted shipping.
After you enter your credit card information, click next.  Be sure you confirm your order, and your oils will be shipped soon! YAY! Check your email, because I will send you a welcome email with some info to get you started. :)

Young Living Essential Oils - Oily Angels  THANK YOU! (((hugs)))

  Interested in Building a Business?
  If you decide that you do want to make a business from YL oils or just a little bit of profit (if you sell 3  premium kits in your first month you will have paid for your own premium kit), then please let your sponsor know! Many people build their business with friends and family with the goal of having their oils paid for every month. We have resources such as FREE classes and mentorships to help those who are interested in building. We would love for you to join our essential oils team!

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