Monday, November 2, 2015

"Winter Wellness"

Are you interested in getting chemicals out of you life.. out of your body?  They are lurking every where!!!
November is a great month to start your Journey with Young Living Essential Oils.  With a bad, cold winter projected you want to stay "Well".  There is no better way to support "Winter Wellness" than with Young Living Essential Oils.  No Chemicals, all natural products that will support your immune system to give you the balance for a healthy winter.

I often wonder... why would a person use a product with synthetics and chemicals in it to stay or get well. We put make-up on to be beautiful while it's killing us? Isn't that a contradiction?  We use air fresheners from the store that are filled with junk and chemicals.. especially formaldehyde to make a room smell nice??? Why would we want to inhale that?  Why would we want to use something to "freshen the air" that is so bad for you and your body.  Doesn't make any sense does it?  We need to start making better choices.  If we don't make better choices we will be very unhappy with cancer or some other killer.

We are brain washed my marketing companies over and over again. It all to make us "feel good" as the chemicals seep into our skin and cause us to be sick.  They work on our lives being convenient, stress free and easy.  There are so many products that exist in our everyday lives that are filled with Chemicals.  Do you ever really take the time to look at all the products you are exposed to each day. Just think, I haven't even touched on the food industry yet!

-We wake up and go to the bathroom.. sometime we need to "spray"..  chemicals put into your system.
-We get into the shower..  do you know what you are using to get that hair clean?  Then a conditioner to soften it?  What are you using on your body to clean yourself.. how about to shave?  All these chemicals in your nice smelly stuff takes 26 seconds to go into your skin and throughout your body. 
-We get out of the shower and put that lotion on that makes our skin so soft and smelly too.. full of chemicals

Young Living has so much to offer to help make your chemical free journey easy.  You will find that you will save money using the oils, making your own products and Sharing the love with others.
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