Thursday, June 16, 2011

Whole Foods ~~

I'm in Nashville almost every day.  Today, I ventured to Whole Foods.  Sometimes I like to go there and Trader Joe's just to look and see what's new.  Today I went to get Basil.  I remembered at Whole Foods, this time of year, they have this basil that is "LIVE".  I bought basil weeks ago to plant and it died before I could plant it..go figure!  To my surprise they also had "LIVE" watercress.  This watercress is the larger leaf, much easier to work with and not as "stalky".  So I got my basil, very happy!  Found watercress, very happy!  Will use and plant both of these in my garden...TOMORROW!

So, most of you know that I sell my homemade Tortilla Chips at Hendersonville Produce.  Well, Regina called and ordered chips, AND, asked me if I wanted 4 cases of tomatoes that she couldn't sell.  Ugh.....yes!  So I am making some fresh tomato sauce with basil, onion, and garlic.  I'm also going to make some fresh pico de gallo type salsa.  Canning it all!  I'm excited~ ~ ~

"LIVE" Basil


tomatoes from Hedersonville Produce....Sweet Reginia!

"LIVE" Watercress

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