Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tomatoes ~ Again!

My sweet friend, Regina, from Hendersonville Produce, "like" her on facebook, once again, gave me some produce that was not good enough to sell.  She is so sweet to think of me!  Here is what I did with what I got.
                                                    Heirloom Organic Grape Tomatoes

Cooking those beautiful tomatoes with a bit of garlic and fresh basil.

Then we have some beautiful mini plum tomatoes.

Cooked those down with red onion, basil, garlic.

Are these Yellow Tomates just beautiful!  Never made Yellow Tomato sauce, but, It was my challenge.  Made it a bit different. Added some red onion, oregano, touch of vinegar, red pepper flakes and blended it smooth, then finished it off with kosher salt, freshly ground black pepper and fresh chopped basil from the garden.  Regina will critic this one for me!

My Three finished, canned, tomato sauces.
1. Yellow  2.  Red Plum  3.  Heirloom

I never made "Heirloom" tomato sauce before.  To my pleasant surprise, it was so creamy and a darkish orange in color.  I am very pleased with these!

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