Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dip Chiller ~ The Strawberry Patch ~

I met a lady that was also a vendor at The Strawberry Patch Barn Sale. She does pottery.  I asked her if she ever heard of a "dip chiller", she didn't.  I explained
it to her and she said that she will work on it and try to make me one that I will like. Well....BOOM!  She did it!  A beautiful job.

My kitchen is red and white and this dip chiller is beautiful.  You take the "bowl" part out, (the white part), and you put ice in the red part.  Then you put the white "bowl" part back in and put your dip in the white bowl.  The ice keeps the dip cold.  The chiller holds about 1 cup, which is nice for a comfortable party, and, it's what I wanted.  I'm not a "pottery" person, but there was no where else I could go to get an original, unique dip chiller that I loved.  Last year about this time I talked to another potter, gave her dip samples, chips, my idea of what I was looking for, and nothing.  Never got back to me or anything.  I meet this lady, talk about 15 minutes and I get exactly what I was looking for.  It really doesn't look like the "handmade pottery" that you see out there does it?  That is what I love about it.  Isn't "RED" a happy color?

I would really love to have her make these in different colors for me with my "Everyday Gourmet" name stamped on the bottom and sell them at my shows along with my chips and dips.  It could be a possibility, you never know.


  1. oh i LOVE THIS!!!!! how fabulous is this!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!! i think it is an excellent idea to sell with your chips and dip! how wonderful would that be! thanks for sharing -- it is awesome! hugs...andrea -- family and doxies (heaven and earth)

  2. Do you remember going to the Strawberry Patch in Cape Cod? It's still there! Love the bowl....she did a good job!

  3. What a unique idea! I've never heard of a dip chiller! Thanks for following me on pinterest. Pinning photos has become an addiction of mine! It's a nice way to keep up with things you love! You have a lovely blog! Jina


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