Saturday, October 29, 2011

Some Christmas Stuff ~

~ Went through some things that I had in cabinets.  Stuff you buy "just because" ???  Then someday you find a use for them with this brain storm that comes from nowhere. I had these berry baskets.  I save them, first, because they are RED.  One of my favorite colors.  Red is a "happy" color to me.  I think of Valentines day, Christmas, I will do something with them someday.  I am doing one of my favorite craft shows for Christmas on the 19th of November.  It's a laid back one, but, my best one.  I make my chips and they are sold out in 2 hours.  I usually make about 75 bags.  This year I am making 200.  No Joke! 200 bags of chips.  So here is what I did by "up-cycling" my berry baskets.  I think I will put some yummy cookies in them in cello bags, or something for a teacher's gift.  Everyone looks for teacher's gifts right?

Then came the ribbon.  I can't even tell you how much ribbon I have.  I am the type of person that buys things because they are so beautiful, lovely, cool, nice, funky, vintage, so on and so on...then I don't want to use it!  I know this makes no sense, but, it's what I do.  It's too nice to use!

As you can see, I'm not a professional photographer!


  1. Everything is so pretty here..glad I found you. oxox Love the baskets

  2. Thanx. Hope you follow me! I went and love your blog, we follow some of the same ones. I follow you now. Linda xo


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